Best Halloween Costumes Of All Time

Best Halloween Costumes Of All Time
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Best Halloween Costumes Of All Time

Halloween is just a couple of months away and it is not too late to start planning your costume. There are two kinds of people, one who would go all out and one who would stick to the safe costumes year after year. This celebration is the best time for everyone to step out of their comfort zone. Doing something outlandish and fun is part of the magic of this holiday. Coming out with innovative costumes can get your creative juice flowing.

Every year, many celebrities come out with iconic Halloween costumes such as Heidi Klum who pulls out all stops to organize an annual bash with over-the-top costumes. If you and your friends have recreated some Halloween costumes over the years and are now experiencing a costume rut, well here are some unique Halloween costumes that will give you some spooky inspiration. No matter what your Halloween vibe is, if you want to recreate any of these all-time best Halloween costumes, you are going to have a spooktacular time.

Iggy As Cruella de Vil

Here is Iggy Azalea dressing up as Hollywood’s favorite Disney villain, Cruella. The dual-tone hair and red lipstick are dead giveaways and she completed the look with a real Dalmation on the red carpet.

Halima Aden as Maleficent

Hijab-wearing model Halima Aden dressed up as Maleficent when she attended Heidi Klum’s annual bash. Check out those high cheekbones.

Mariah Carey as an 80s Rocker

The iconic Mariah Carey wore a spiked blonde wig complete with leather hot pants, thigh-high boots and holding a neon guitar to fully commit to the 80s rocker vibe. 

Kim Kardashian as Cher

Kim Kardashian re-created one of Cher’s most memorable looks from the ‘70s a few Halloweens ago. She went full glam with a metallic coordinate set. Her ensemble essentially consists of an intricate crop top and free-flowing pair of pants that was the iconic design of the era.

The Best Celebrity Halloween Beauty Looks of 2017

Emily Ratakowski as Marge Simpson 

In 2015, Emily Ratajkowski dressed up as Marge Simpson and made jaws drop. She kept the look simple with a neon-green tube dress, tall blue wig and red accessories just like the cult cartoon character.

Gigi Hadid As Sandy From Grease

One of the best Sandy-from-Grease interpretations that we have ever seen, Gigi Hadid slayed in this iconic look.

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