‘Fortnite’ got a series of ugly Christmas sweaters

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‘Fortnite’ got a series of ugly Christmas sweaters

Epic Games has been pushing real-world merchandise to take advantage of Fortnite’s phenomenon, and a series of ugly Christmas sweaters seem to be a good fit for franchising. In fact, the official Fortnite ugly Christmas sweater collection is now a reality, and you will find that no one is more suitable for dancing at a Christmas party, while being drunk with spiked eggnog.

You can buy the entire Fortnite ugly Christmas sweater collection here, priced at $54.99 each, free shipping in November. The collection includes designs inspired by llamas, Merry Marauder costumes and Brite Gunner costumes. There is also a regular Fortnite sweater that covers several elements of the game.
The price of these fancy knit designs is very reasonable. Keep in mind that the number is limited. Keep one to make sure it arrives in the holidays in time. If you are looking for more options, you can find the mother of the ugly Christmas sweater design here.
In the related note, Funko and Epic Games recently announced the digital lineup of Fortnite Pop, where pre-orders are being released and are expected to ship in December. In addition, Entertainment Earth is running a Funko to buy one until October 23 to get a 50% discount and includes the entire Fortnite lineup. If you want to add them to your collection, it’s time to do it.
Finally, this is your last chance to get official Fortnite clothing and accessories from Spirit Halloween and Spencer’s. The collection includes character costumes, T-shirts, backpacks, mugs, blankets and party supplies such as Loot Llama. There are also copying tools and weapons such as the basic Pickaxe, Rainbow Smash Pickaxe and badass Pumpkin Launcher (including lights and sounds). However, the most amazing project in the series is definitely a 17.5-foot inflatable fighting bus.

Please note that the Battle Bus is sold through Spirit Halloween for $449.99, but at the time of this writing, you can purchase it from the Amazon store at Spirit Halloween at the same price and free shipping.
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