Bless my father because I sinned, this is the year since my last mass.

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Bless my father because I sinned, this is the year since my last mass.

Bless my father, because I have sinned, it has been a year since my last mass, and I am late with the cousin in the bar. Unfortunately, no one can chat at midnight mass, you may have more repeat customers.

Christmas: The Irish Catholic Church is the busiest time of the year. Since last Christmas, Pew has been warmed and never felt alone. The punter sprinkled all the doors and blocked all the exits from listening to God’s words; it was not heard until the second year.

This strange annual phenomenon happens every Christmas. When I returned from London to Galway’s home, I didn’t know why every year, the church did not work hard to maintain this Christmas custom. Do they really realize that the Irish people are not coming back? They missed the opportunity to redeem, they just can’t work hard for it?

The Catholic Church has never been a person who encourages and shelters the creativity and culture of Ireland unless it can grasp the interaction and control every inch of it and have fun.

Take my hometown of Headford as an example. When I came in from the airport last week, the Christmas tree in the town was “bombed” by local community groups. In the past few years, the team has been in love and color throughout the town, and as part of the Galway 2020 bid, has made tremendous efforts for Headford’s Nesting Braun project.

The Yarn Bombing Team allows people from all walks of life to interact, share skills and build connections. If I have a chance to be at home again, I will get into trouble again. I know that I will immediately feel part of their community and the magical work they created.

In the past few years, we have an annual community festival called ‘Headfest’. Last year, the local football club participated in the organization of a large red barn, erected on the field, and hosted four nights of music with local artists and national artists. There is a market during the day, local traders, children’s football tournaments and various pop-ups; that is a huge success. It’s incredible to see a volunteer team create opportunities for the community to bring together people around music, crafts, sports and creativity.

After the end of Headfest, the plan for 2018 begins, and will only be bigger and better next year. It simply shows that the right people with passion and a thriving community can make a difference.

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