How to Buy Makeup on A Budget

How to Buy Makeup on a Budget
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How to Buy Makeup on A Budget

Makeup is a woman’s first love and also a necessity today. The rising trends in the makeup industry are catching fashionistas eyes. These trends bring along better makeup products every other day. Brands run marathon of makeup products, fighting for the best results.

With thousands of makeup brands taking over the world and every other one vouching for itself makes makeup buying confusing. Your friend could swear on mascara but your pocket won’t let you think about. Been there? True that.

Buying makeup on a budget is the real task. It is really hard to find the best deals in the sea of cosmetics and makeup products. Choose the best products without splurging your pockets with us. Here are some tricks you could use to get the reasonable makeup products hunt.

Get free Makeup Samples

Yes, getting free makeup samples and testers is possible. You can get the small packaging samples for free if you ask at the counter. Websites like Sephora gives three free samples upon registering and buying one product to their customer. Smash Box is also a renowned brand to offer free samples or as cheap as $1.

You can also ask for free samples on the counter if physically buying makeup from a store. They have plenty of them and give them for promoting a product.

Coupons to the Rescue

Promotional emails by makeup brands and multi-brand makeup stores spams your inbox but sometimes for good. Keep the track of coupon codes through these emails from top brands like Sephora, Walgreens, CVS etc.

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Chances are you will stumble on a discount code or a buy one gets one free offer through these emails. So, keep tracking your e-mails.

Revive Makeup Products

Refreshing your makeup products is another way you can stretch the product’s life and save money. Get the better value of makeup by saving the drying and broken makeup products.

Suppose, if you have products stuck to the walls of a product’s bottle. Place the bottle in warm water and get the leftover to use. Add contact lens solution to a drying mascara to refresh it and last longer. Melt down a broken lipstick into a balm container and apply it using a brush. Broken eyeshadows can be fixed back into place by mixing it with rubbing alcohol.

Drugstore dupes

If you can’t afford a high-end product but dream of having it, then find its drugstore dupe. You can research online dupes for high-end brands. You can get close to the high-end look through your drugstore.

Maybelline, L’Oreal, e.l.f, Nyx, CoverGirl and Colour Pop are some popular drug store brands doing a great job in makeup products. You can rummage through their collections to find dupes for high-end brands.

Bundles joy

Going for bundles is a great way to save money. Lipstick, contouring and blush palette, mascara and eyeliner, brow pencils, nail polishes bundles are common in many brands. They offer variety range and also save money.

Bundles save you money than the original price and also come in small packaged products.

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