How to DIY the Classic Snow White Costume for Halloween

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How to DIY the Classic Snow White Costume for Halloween

Whether you’re feeling spooky, grumpy, glam, or classic, there are so many Halloween costumes to choose from. We love Disney princesses — and specifically Snow White. She’s kind, friendly, patient, and stylish! And even though Snow really only goes for her lovely primary-colored dress, we thought it would be the most fun to DIY her classic red, blue, and yellow ensemble. Scroll on for step-by-step instructions on pulling off this iconic Halloween costume look.

We bought a blue Chicastic Corset, a Choies Yellow Midi Skirt, and yellow Glaze Ankle Strap Sandals. The sleeves are made from sewing together two strips of blue satin into tubes and gluing red felt pieces all around. Then sew the sleeves on the corset. Glue some blue sequin ribbon along the top of the corset for some shimmer and shine.

Snow White Makeup: Keep your eyelids neutral and draw on a thick cat eyeliner with a double-click. To make your eyes look even bigger, and a white eyeliner to your lower waterline. Throw on a set of thick false eyelashes to seal the deal. Snow White has those flush, rosy cheeks, so hit the apples of your cheeks with a bright pink blush. Add red lipstick and highlighter to your upper cheekbones for your finishing touches.

Snow White Hair: Start off by adding small curls throughout your hair and then comb through them with your fingers. Backcomb into the wave pattern using a rat tail comb and then pin into a faux bob. Wrap with a red ribbon to complete the look.

“Whistle while you work! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doooooo!”

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