It’s Time to Wear Hoodies – Find the Latest Hoodies Style Fashion for You

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It’s Time to Wear Hoodies – Find the Latest Hoodies Style Fashion for You

If you`re staying home most of the time, wearing hoodies are probably a common thing for you; and we can`t blame you! Hoodies are ultra-comfortable and easy to put on. But we can`t ditch looking cute even in sweats and hoods though! Don`t worry, we got you! Here are some of the cutest and coolest hoodies you can keep wearing while staying fashionable:

1. Cropped Hoodie

Cropped hoodies are absolutely popular right now specially when showing off your well-earned abs! A hoodie and shorts set looks absolute cute with a pair of runners if you want to go out for a quick grocery or coffee errand. You can also simply wear this while lounging around the house and if you want to work out, you don`t have to change clothes, just hop in on that treadmill and burn those calories!

2. Buttoned Hoodie

A buttoned hoodie is a dressed up version of your regular sweats. You can wear this at school and even work. If you want the comfort and warmth of your sweats but don`t want to look like you just got up from sleeping, a buttoned hoodie is your best friend!

Button-Detail Sequin-Embellished Hooded Sweatshirt

3. Flared Sleeves

To add a bit of pizazz to your normal hoodies, opt to look for hoodies with some flared sleeves and maybe even a bit of ruffles. Lounging at home with this has never been more stylish especially if you put your hair in a bun with some framing waves. This will help you be more fashionable at home or outside in hoodies while being comfortable.

4. Keep it in your pocket.

Most hoodies come in plain designs like a sweatshirt with a hood. Nowadays, hoodies with a lot of pockets like a ranger`s vest are in style! You can opt for a hoodie with a lot of pockets and wear it with a pair of leggings or high-waist pants.

5. Design it Through Sheer Hoodie

Another cool way to style hoodies is to get a sheer or sheer striped hoodie and have a cute tank top like a glittery one which can show through the sheer hoodie. You can wear this with a cute mini skirt or high waist pants.

6. Hoodie Sweatshirt in a Dress


For a more fashion forward take on wearing hoodies is to get one with a collar-like design which you can wear underneath a stylish dress. This is a great way to amp up the way you wear your sweats.

Another cute way to style your hoodie is to get a plain white or black dress or any plain-colored dress which complements the color of your hoodie. You can wear this with a pair of sneakers and boots.

Hoodies are the best to lounge around in but sometimes we can look like lazy slugs with it hence choosing the right hoodie and accessorizing are the keys to feeling warm and looking cute.

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