Split-Hem Jeans Are The Cool-Girl Denim Trend For Fall 2023

Split-Hem Jeans Are The Cool-Girl Denim Trend For Fall 2023
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Split-Hem Jeans Are The Cool-Girl Denim Trend For Fall 2023

Times change, so does fashion. Every year unfolds newer trends that revamps fashion. Jeans have been around for so long and stuck into the fashion industry. However, the style of jeans change year to year. Jeans have a lot styles which have been witnessed by history in so many different ways.

This year we have got a twist in the jeans industry, the split-hem jeans are the new cool this year. Just in, fashionistas and models have donned the split-hem jeans making them a prominent fashion this year. There are so many ways to style these split-hem jeans and you can choose your style.

Although split-hem jeans are not a very different type but the way they are taking over the fashion diary is mind-boggling. Curious how these jeans can be styled? Here is how.

Running errands style

The split-hem jeans are a perfect fit for your market regime. Pair these jeans with your usual t-shirt to achieve an everyday chic outfit. Get the jacket on if it is chilly outside and ace the look without being extra.

These jeans are available in different colors from light blue to black. Make a statement at the local grocery store or a casual day at the university.

Sneakers Pairing

Pair your split-hem jeans with chunky sneakers to make it more comfortable and stylish. Create a fashion forward statement with your sneakers and split-hem jeans everywhere you feel like. It is an outfit that can be adorned from university to a dinner party.

Complete the look with a button open shirt and a crossbody bag slung to your shoulders. It’s a definite street style look.

Heel it all

Who says split-hem jeans cannot be done with heels? They can be done with heels and in fashionable style. Although the heels get hidden in the jeans but they look different and feed your contemporary fashion soul.

The heels and the split-hem jeans are an amazing fit because they provide height and lifts the jeans up. It is a win-win game for people with shorter heights. Pair your heel and split-hem jeans with a tank top or with a blazer outfit too. This qualifies as the perfect date-look without stepping out of your comfort zone.

Leather layers

Layer your look with leather and split-hem jeans to give a classic street style look. Step straight out of vogue magazine with a leather jacket, t-shirt and split hem jeans to give off major style goals.

You can pair this style with court shoes and fashionable sunglasses. You can also add gold-colored earrings to the look for the aesthetics.

Live the Jennifer Aniston days OG style with the split-hem jeans this season. Done in style wherever you go in this pair.

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