Thanksgiving is to provide clothing for the Poway family.

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Thanksgiving is to provide clothing for the Poway family.

For a Powell family, Thanksgiving begins with family reunion and costumes.

Former City Councilman Jim Cunningham, his wife Chris and their four children, Elizabeth, Jimmy, Norah and Patrick, ran in Thanksgiving Day 5K in the village of Joe’s village of Balboa Park on Thanksgiving Day. About ten years.

In those years, for many years in this family, the family wore matching outfits, designed and organized by Chris, who presented them to her family before the game. Clothing is usually humorous, whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, although family Thanksgiving clothing is more popular in the crowd than Christmas.

Although Jim has been playing since the marriage, Chris said she and their children did not join him until the children grew up and were able to run 5K.

“When I first went, all the clothes made me feel shocked,” she said. Although they did not dress up as a family for the first time, but slowly but surely, Chris began making matching outfits.

This year, the family used the theme of autumn as the leaves and scorpions of the bag. Chris said: “(Clothing) is getting more and more refined every year.”

“Last year we were wearing an explosion of turkey,” she said. “It’s very interesting when we walked together.” Two years ago, the family wore a referee and a plush turkey hat, and they also acted as referees. To increase the fun, Chris said that she went to the city and bought a large bag of yellow rags, and the family threw them at the same time while whistling.

This year is the first time this family has run with their dogs, and they also have their own version of the clothing. She said: “We glued the small leaves to his belt because he is a puppy and we don’t know how he will handle it (running).” “He eventually got a ball.”

Leaf garment bags are made from burlap bags, multi-color compression tights, hunting socks, hats, neon t-shirts, real leaves, fake leaves, scorpions and Amazon, Wal-Mart and hot glue. Gun,” Chris said.

Although it is difficult to come up with new original costume ideas every year, Chris said that she has a dream costume, she is not sure if the family can get away while running. “I have been threatening the children for a year and we will dress up all the dresses as Thanksgiving dresses,” she said. “But it’s hard to do 5K.”

“It’s all about getting fun and doing meaningful things,” she said. “This is a fun day and it takes you out. This is a tradition.”

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