Trendy Alert: Tie Dye

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Trendy Alert: Tie Dye

There are indications that tie dye was already used in the 8th century in Asia, where people used the dyeing method by isolating parts of the fabric so that they had unique and original prints. Therefore, we can say that tie dye is a very old dyeing technique. There are reports of its use in Africa, and in Japan, for example, tie dye is called shibori. The print is well known and today it is easy to find it in countless colors and patterns, tie dye is another trend that has returned to fashion with reference to the hippie movement of the 1970s and the prints of the 1990s T-shirts.

Tie dye is an impression resulting from the technique of tying and dyeing, the procedure is easy and many people choose to do it at home, however, the market offers a wide range of clothes with tie dye printing, always using colors that harmonize with each other, making the piece much more beautiful.

Among the pieces that contain the print, there are clothes to be used at home or in a casual way. Although the pattern is traditionally colorful and personalized, it is possible to use comfortable pieces that bring simple and delicate colors, so that your sleep is peaceful while you are wearing a tie dye pajama set.

It is also possible to find blouses, pants, sweaters and clothes for the gym with tie dye prints. The Ever Pretty store, for example, offers countless models of clothing with fashion prints!

How to Use Tie Dye Print?

It is important to take into account the color of the print to include it in your look in a harmonious and beautiful way. For example, if you choose to wear a t-shirt with a multicolored tie dye print, combine it with another piece of neutral color, such as light wash jeans or black shorts. But, you can also incorporate the color of the tie dye pattern with the colors of the your look, if the piece has shades of blue or pink, you can use these same colors to complete the look.

Intense colors and style psychedelic tie dye are great for informal and more relaxed looks, but for formal productions, it is important that the look be more sober, with one to two colors in the tie dye print, and to complete, bet on a shoe classic, like a scarpin or sandal with straps.

Several videos on Youtube teach you how to make a tie dye print yourself, but it is to be expected that it may not always come out as you wish, and that is why there are industrial and standardized prints, they may not be unique, but they come ready and in the correct proportion of size and colors, which makes the tie dye print balanced and beautiful.

Despite being widely remembered as a hippie or boho print, tie dye blends perfectly with various styles, and as we saw earlier, it can range from chic and formal to casual and informal. Fashion is volatile and what was once fashion can always become a trend again, as is the case with tie dye, the impression of the moment that will invade your wardrobe.

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