What’s the Secret to Achieving Beautiful Hands?

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What’s the Secret to Achieving Beautiful Hands?

During this time of the pandemic, many of us are washing our hands more frequently either with hand sanitizers or soap and water.  It is necessary to wash our hands and sanitize frequently to prevent the spread of the outbreak.  However, this may result in dry, inflamed skin, aging and wrinkly hands.

Many women are conscious about the way their hands look because, besides the face and hair, the hands are also very visible.  Naturally, everyone wants their hands to look healthy and youthful.  One of the tell-tale signs for a person’s age is by looking at the hands. It is not easy to have smooth, flawless hands especially when we wash our hands repeatedly throughout the day.   However, it is not impossible.  If you want to reduce spots, lines and wrinkles on your hand, here are some secrets to maintaining beautiful hands.

Massage Your Hand

Do you know that our hands contain many acupressure points? By massaging these points will not only benefits your hands but also your overall health.  Here is how to do it:-

  1. Press your palm in circular motion with medium pressure and move from your wrist to your elbow and along your forearm. Do this at least three times on both sides of your hands.
  2. Shaking your hands to loosen them and wriggle your fingers about.
  3. Use your thumb and forefinger to press and apply pressure in a circular motion to the webbed area between your thumb and index finger for 30 seconds.

Do Regular Hand Stretches 

As our hands work nonstop all day, we should relax them by gently stretching the hands at least twice a day.  It can be done by making a fist and hold tightly for 30 seconds. The release and spread the fingers wide for 15 seconds.  Repeat this step at least 4 times.

Exfoliate your hands 

As mentioned earlier that our hands work a lot for us every day, the skin on the palms is thicker than other areas of our body.  This is also the area where calluses tend to build up.  In order to keep our palms soft and smooth, we have to scrub our hands every now and then.  It is recommended that we exfoliate our hands once every 2 weeks. You will be surprised what a difference that makes.

Protect Our Hands With Gloves 

Wearing protective gloves is important when we are doing our dishes or household chores like scrubbing the bathroom tiles because our hands come into contact with detergents.  Detergents are extremely harsh on our skin. so wearing protective gloves is a must to protect our hands.

Apply  Hand Cream

It is important that we apply hand cream regularly to restore the smoothness.  The hand cream can help soothe and calm stressed and irritated skin. It is best to apply the hand cream every night before you sleep.

Cut Your Nails

Long fingernails are nice but you may have to pick out dirt from under them.  Trim your nails to avoid unnecessary grime.

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