Simple Long Skirt That Every Girl Should Own

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Simple Long Skirt That Every Girl Should Own

Skirts are most associated with feminine styles. This is true but skirts can definitely make your entire outfit look edgier as well. Skirts are easy to wear so having a few designs in your wardrobe can save you from fashion emergencies or times when you`re in a hurry and need something you can easily put on. Here are some simple long skirts that you can incorporate in your daily wear:

High-Low Skirts

High-Low Flounce Skirt Floral Chiffon High-Low Skirt Ruffled High-Low Skirt


High-low skirts is the perfect skirt if you`re unsure what to wear in an event. In most formal events, it`s highly advisable to wear long skirts whereas in casual or semi-formal events, it`s advisable to wear knee-length skirts. If in doubt, why not opt for a mixed length of skirt with high low skirts?

High-low skirts are flowy, and give your outfit a relaxed vibe yet can be worn in important occasions. This is best worn with a pair of square toe heels and wedges.

Leather Skirt

Leather skirts never go out in style. You can wear this at any season, and pair with a variety of clothing items. Leather skirts definitely give the entire outfit an edgier and cool vibe. You can definitely wear this best with a pair of boots, wedges or studded sneakers.

Lafayette 148 New York

Sumner Midi Leather Skirt


  Beige Skirt

If you`re in doubt what to wear, simply get a beige skirt and a simple shirt or blouse. Then, you can wear a pair of wedges or sandals to complete the cool. Beige long skirts tend to match almost any outfit so if you`re racking up your brain on what to wear, one of the safest clothing item to wear is a beige skirt.

Long Skirt


Tiered Maxi Skirt

Tiered Maxi Skirt Eyelet Tiered Skirt



If you want to wear a long skirt but don`t want to look too formal or too conservative, you can opt for a tiered maxi skirt with the bottom half sheer. This is a really cute way to way to wear a skirt almost anywhere without looking too overdressed. This also gives a bit of twist to your regular maxi skirt.

In choosing a tiered maxi skirt, always go for neutral-colored skirts like black, brown, beige and white so you can easily pair it with any top and clothes for layering.

Plaid Skirt

Plaid is still in and a plaid skirt immediately transforms your look to a more office or business appropriate style. You can wear this with any top and simply add a blazer or coat, and you`ll instantly look fabulous!

Ellie Plaid Midi Skirt


High-low skirts, leather, beige, tiered maxi skirts, and plaid skirts are some of the simplest yet most versatile skirts. Having a few simple skirts in your wardrobe can definitely be helpful in times when you`re unsure on what to wear. Making sure that you get neutral-colored long skirts will also help in easily matching your clothes with your skirts.

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