Know Slips Shapewear Bodysuits for Women

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Know Slips Shapewear Bodysuits for Women

I was very young when I first saw shapewear items and remember that my mother used to wear them under her dresses. She had back then quite a few bodysuits in her wardrobe and I knew they would be present in my wardrobe too when I will get older.

When I started using shapewear bodysuits for the first time

I remember the first time I bought a slimming bodysuit. It was for my bodycon dress that I have bought for my graduation party. I wanted to look as perfect as possible for such a grand day. I’ve chosen back then a nude bodysuit that covered my entire body, even my thighs. Such a bodysuit is the best choice when you want to look slimmer with a few sizes. It will make your waist smaller, the abdomen will be flat, the booty will be lifted, all the back fat rolls will disappear and even the thighs will become thinner. All your natural curves are enhanced beautifully with such a bodysuit. And the best thing for me then it was after I put my dress on and the bodysuit didn’t showed any seams, it was like I wasn’t wearing one.

After having such a great experience with my first bodysuit, I’ve decided to buy a few more and to integrate them in all of my outfits. After all, I was loving the final look and was feeling confident whenever I was wearing shapewear.

Besides bodysuits, I also own a few shaper shorts. These are great especially for the summer season when you want to look absolutely fabulous in skinny jeans or pencil skirts. They are similar to the bodysuits, but they mostly sculpt the waist, the booty and thighs depending on which design you choose for them. So, with a pair of shaper shorts you will have a smaller waist, a flat abdomen, a lifted booty and thinner thighs. They are also seamless, very comfortable and super easy to wear!

My tips on how to choose shapewear

Because I have a lot of experience with shapewear, I also want to share with you some of my secrets when it comes to buying it.

My first advice is to find a reliable place that sells high quality body shapers, this way you will be able to choose the best plus size shapewear bodysuit with a modern design and a breathable and comfortable fabric.

My second advice is to measure your waist line, consult the size chart for the product you want and find out which size will fit you best.

My third advice is to buy shapewear in two or three different colours such as nude, black and even white when possible. This way you will not have to worry that you don’t have the right bodysuit or the right colour shaper shorts to wear with your favourite clothes.

And my fourth advice is to be confident and proud of your curves, because this way you will feel more feminine and look amazing whatever you may wear!

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