Starbucks Vacuum Flask, Every Girl Should Have

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Starbucks Vacuum Flask, Every Girl Should Have

Wintertime is a season of chilly winds, dull and damp weather, and, of course, countless coughs and sneezes. Keeping your body well-preserved from the severe weather is a number one priority for every girl, so we all tend to stock up with some extra toasty scarves and sweaters.

But, is there any other way to prepare yourself for the winter snow and keep yourself (and even people around you) warm. The answer is yes! Take a convenient Starbucks vacuum flask with you and you`ll never experience the cold bite of winter. Here are a few of such flask, every girl will enjoy to have.

vacuum flask

A vacuum flask, fancy known as an insulating vessel, is the one and only way to keep your hot drinks warmer, than its surroundings. Every experienced traveler, worker, student, and even laboratory scientist knows the advantage of such a must-have bottle.

It is not only able to keep life-running fluids at a temperature you want but can also store the liquefied gases, but that’s a whole new story to tell.


Another widely-used name for the Starbucks vacuum flask is Thermos. The appellative came from an American manufacturer of such insulating containers, that are able to keep the temperature of hot and cold drinks unchanged. Of course, nowadays there are a bunch of new manufacturers who produce this type of flasks, bringing a whole new look to their design and even materials they use.

The so-often used and loved flasks are not only a drinking vessel but a true fashion accessory. These flasks come in so many different colors, printed with movie and cartoon characters, shaped like favorite animals, and even body parts. Some of the flasks can even change their color, once filled in with a hot drink.

But, without any doubt, the biggest advantage of thermo-flasks is their reusability. If a regular ceramic mug tends to break easily, that is why we have a tradition of gifting them to each other, vacuum flask is more durable.

Unlike the cardboard cup, it is more solid and long-lasting. Plus, every flask has an obvious advantage of preserving the temperature of the drink, whether it is hot or cold.

If you are into sports travel a lot or go for long-term expeditions, then you have to consider specially designed flasks. They are usually made of stainless steel and feature kind different holders for more comfortable exploitation of the flask. No leaks are guaranteed!

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