The 6 Latest Dress Trends of Summer 2020

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The 6 Latest Dress Trends of Summer 2020

The time has come to look for the best fashion trends so that you can go buying the main clothes to wear for the upcoming summer season! As it should be, you are looking for something that will enhance every single aspect of you this summer, such as your tan, your legs, and everything you have worked hard for during the last winter and that deserves to be shown through a top trending dress.

So here you are packing your giant bag to take on vacation, and, in addition to asking yourself if it will exceed the maximum weight allowed to carry, already thinking about what to say to the hostess who will create some problems, you keep asking yourself which fashionable clothes are worthy to be you must put in your suitcase for this year’s summer. Well, I hope the list that will follow will help you, my dear readers!

Neon Dresses

A youthful and teen style, which is always a must-have, especially using the right mix of colors. Neon dresses are even more beautiful if combined with neon shoes and bag, perfect if your desire is not to go unnoticed in front of your crush. The main colors are practically the ones you used to underline your school notes: yellow, green, fuchsia, orange, and green!

Tube Mini Dresses

For super-naughty girls, this type of dress is ideal if you are planning a holiday in Ibiza with your friends, travel where the nights of alcohol, parties, and nightclubs are much longer than the days spent on the beach. So, show off all your curves and be ready to live an unforgettable summer together with your beloved and hated (on the next morning) stiletto heels!


Animal Print Long Dresses

Okay, not all of us may be lovers of fluorescent dresses and mini dresses, I can understand, so the solution I propose and that suits you best is to combine long dresses with an ever-present trend in fashion, the animal print. Simple but captivating, I suggest you combine this nice dress with not too high sandals and a mini bag! A spectacular result is totally guaranteed!

Kimono Satin Dresses

These are those dresses that look like kimonos but they actually only close like kimonos, creating a very special effect. It is a dress completely dedicated to those of us who are more adult and looking for something more peculiar, but it surely is a dress that adapts to every age in certain variations. High sandals and you won’t go wrong!

Sheer mesh clothes

Along with the very popular puffy sleeves, this is another new trend, a real surprise in the must-have of these years, but conceived only for those of us who are a little bolder. I’m talking about clothes that show off our underwear: yes, bra and panties will be visible, but if we wear them with the right precautions the result will be everything except bad to look at.


Polo dresses

Not all of us have the opportunity to go on vacation, especially this year due to Covid-19: a polo dress can definitely be the right alternative when we are forced to stay in the city: comfortable, light and easy to wear with classic sneakers, is the perfect ally for this summer!

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