The Biggest Spring 2021 Nail Trends To Indulge In Now

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The Biggest Spring 2021 Nail Trends To Indulge In Now

If you are a fan of nail art and you are excited for some Spring changes, keep reading to find out what is new and what you can try next!

Spring is almost here and there isn’t a better way to say hello to the new season than doing nails inspired by it! Spring has always been one of the most inspiring seasons in the fashion and beauty world. Women love Spring because it’s colorful and it brings so much joy with all of the flowers, plants blooming and Sun coming up every day! When we thing of Spring, we think of colors! Some of the trends related to Spring 2021 are colorful, while others might surprise you totally!

The situation with the virus is keeping us all home. Some of us are in the lock-downs and it isn’t possible to do nails in salons. Although that may sound depressing, it is a chance for us to awake the creativity. DIY nail projects at home sound like so much fun. Let’s see which trends are something to look up to while doing your nails at home!

Indie nails have become a huge trend this Winter and they are currently still one of the most popular nail trends. If you are wondering what are Indie nails, the best explanation might be that this nail trend requires a different design or look on each nail which will eventually create a unique harmony. One of the examples might be to use different animal prints on each nail or geometric shapes. Colors should be synchronized for it to look indie and cute.

Good old French manicure is back! Well, it was never completely gone. Women have always been enjoying and loving good French manicure. It looks elegant, gentle and clean. Perfect for elegant ladies! If you think French manicure is boring, the adjusted version of this trend will be perfect for you! In Spring of 2021, you can play with the colors and do different colors for each nail, which will create playful and cute look! That looks really interesting!

Nude, nude, nude! Nude colors are everywhere! In the fashion and makeup industry women are going crazy over the nude colors trend. The clothes which women wear mostly today are in brownish or nude colors. Nails always follow fashion trends and according to that, nude nails are a massive trend of Spring 2021! So simple trend, yet so powerful! It changes the whole look and it definitely adds elegance to it!

Believe it or not, at home manicures which include press-on sets are back in 2021. No, we aren’t in middle school but it’s a quick and easy way to do nails without damaging your own. If you love long nails and you don’t have all of the devices which are usually used in nail salons, press-on sets are something to try. You just need to be really careful and find high-quality press-on sets which will last you long and which will look naturally! This is an economic way of doing nails and it will definitely save you so much time that you would usually spend on doing nails on different, regular way!

Holographic nails are a big thing right now, as well! If you are usually a fan of holographic fashion, it may be fun to try to do nails in holographic style. Most of 90s styles and trends are back and with them we have the return of holographic nails. Some call it CD inspired nails. It sounds fun, however – we care more about how they look than how they are called! The best example of stunning holographic nails would be those done with French manicure and holographic style at the same time. They look absolutely noticeable! You can’t really not see them!

And last, but definitely not least nail trend for Spring 2021 would be pearly nails! By this, we don’t mean to draw the pearls on your nails, but actually to stick them on! It sounds and looks quite different compared to everything we have seen so far but it is somehow cute! It is cute in a silly way but pearls have always been the synonym for elegance. Therefore, pearly nails may be one of the biggest and the most surprising nail trends which we have kept to reveal until the very end.

After this, it is really hard to choose just one nails to do! But, you don’ really have to choose! Spring is coming and you have plenty of time to try them all! Trying out different styles of nails (and in general, of fashion), will make you realize what you really like and what is your favorite style of all time. Spring is always a good season to play in with your style! So, let’s do our nails!

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